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About Us

"Our customers trust our products because they do what they promise."

Belle Essence is a bath and body spa skin care line that is dedicated to providing excellent quality in natural skin and body care products. Belle Essence is proud to present Everything Lavender Botanicals Estate Collection which is made with lavender essential oil from our lavender farm in Abiquiu, New Mexico. We use no chemical fragrances; only extracts and essential oil in our products.

Great care has been taken in creating formulas that are exceptional, and provide the consumer with a product they can trust and one that does as it says it will do. This is our commitment and promise to our customers.

The Lavender Farm

The search for a farm began in 2001. It took two and a half years to locate and purchase just the right piece of land. We searched for a farm that could provide the best environment to grow high quality lavender and in turn produce a fine grade of essential oil. We went to Provence, France, to get first hand knowledge from the people that are considered to be world renowned experts in the field of growing lavender. After a long search we found land in Abiquiu, NM. We built the farm from vision to concept to reality starting with absolutely nothing but weeds to the waist.

The farm is an organic "green" farm practicing sustainable bio and eco friendly practices. None of the plant goes to waste; it is all recycled and put back into the soil. We steam distill the flowers to extract the essential oil and hydrosol from the lavender that is harvested once a year. It takes a minimum of 6 months to season the lavender essential oil once it is distilled before it can be used.

Lavender provides many beneficial properties. It is a known antibacterial, antimicrobial, and helps in balancing one's body and daily life. Lavender is used as a calmative and a stress reducer not only for the body but for the senses as well. In a stress-filled environment that we all experience on a day-to-day basis, lavender essential oil, pure in itself, offers this calming effect to the body as a whole system. Lavender in various applications, whether it is in a soothing bath, part of a luxurious lotion, or aromatically disbursed for serene aromatherapy, will aide in balancing the entire system.

You will find our aromatherapeutic grade lavender essential oil in all of our Estate Collection products.

We love our lavender and we know you will too!